Core members of Cell Division:

I. Neuroshard: DJ (cd format- Rythmic/Power noise/IDM/Tekno), Firepoi, art, graphics, organization/promotion, Tokamak live experimental electronix
Denki: DJ (cd format-techno, hardhop), photos, graphics.
CJP: graphics, server madness, noise, paint, powertools, juggling.
DJ Opium: DJ (cd format- electronic, industrial, noise), bookbinding, boxmaking, seamstress, Proprietress: Lunar Mansion .
LowRez: video jockey ; stop motion animation ; visually glitchy sonofabitch
DJ Fountainhead: DJ (multiple formats-industrial breaks, digITAL dub, horror house, noise, post-hop and spazz-jazz, modified electronics, illustration, Tokamak live experimental electronix.
DJ Dangergirl: CD Format; Alles was ich hoeren will.
Swante Mother Fuckin Jauch: Frankenbaffeling and all around biaxial creep
Juno: DJ- Hardcore, noise, gabber, experimental, gothic..... all that is fierce and beautiful!
DJect Sound: DJ (multiple formats, multiple styles) live music, euphondisson, writing
Anna Webster: Photography, graphics
The Electric Gnome: Plugs, Servos, Wires, Woofers, Tweeters, Aligator Clips, See-n-Say, Keeping it all running. [ R.I.P. ]
Thog: DJ: Trance, NRG, Prog House. Wielder of the AXE! [ R.I.P.]
Goldie Jones: Digital visual artist, video, FX, interactive/graphic design, photography. Subversionz Media .
Yonphreaqy: DJ - primary format vinyl - Industrial, Noise, Hardcore, Experimental

Thanks to all past artists and collaborators that have worked alongside Cell Division and attended our events- your input, contributions, and support are greatly appreciated

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