"Dont Hate the Media, Become the Media"
-Jello Biafra

"Fuck Boycotting, I dont believe in boycotts.
  The Best way to boycott is to build your own."
-Chuck D

Sets from Strategies Against Suck: Solstice, 2003:
Juno Dangergirl / I. Neuroshard

Tracks by Biaxial Creep:
Guile Opium Messiah Oct Moon 3

Tokamak, Live @ Some Assembly Required:
Tokamak Live.

Euphondisson :
febuary seventeen, #2 birdfoot violet

Tracks by Denki:
Benomephon 8 Level

Other Sets:

CJP DJ Fountainhead
Baked WIth Pride In Ohio Live @ Blacksun 2002

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